Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting your home ready for the home inspection

It is always good to revisit this issue from time to time. Hopefully, this will be a good refresher for experienced real estate agents, and some value added service to new real estate agents. 
A big concern that we see from both seller and real estate agents when it comes to the home inspection, is the amount of time that we, the home inspector, is at the house conducting our home inspection.  Our goal is to do a complete inspection, and not overlook any item. However, there are times when a home inspection may take longer than it should. A main reason is that the home is not properly prepared for the home inspection. If we can't get to an important area because of clutter or furniture blocking access, then that may take time to move.  For example, during a recent Woodmere home inspection, access to the attic was located in a master bedroom closet. Unfortunately, the homeowner had tons of clothes blocking the access door. We had to take time and remove the items prior to getting into the attic.  During a Farmingdale home inspection, a electrical subpanel was partially blocked by a cabinet. Again, we took time to gain entry to that sub panel.
With this in mind, we created a "Sellers guide to getting your home ready for the home inspection" and we want to share it with everyone, especially real estate agents.  By following the tips we provide, the home inspection process can be speed up. We hope that you find it useful.  We have even provided a printable version which is located at the end so that you can provide your homeowners with it so they can be prepared.
You can read the sellers guide to getting your home ready for the home inspection here. 
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