Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspections are for Sellers

We have been preaching for a while now that home inspections are not just for the buyer of a home, but for the seller as well.  A Pre-Sale Inspection can be a valuable tool to help the seller realistically evaluate the home that most probably means a great deal to them.  In fact, a popular TV home show host agrees as well.  Mike Holmes, the popular DIYer, say that a Pre-Sale home inspections can:
- Set the right price for the home
- Help the seller know where their house stands
- Help to market the home properly
- Help to show good faith
You can read more about what he has to say here.

We at How's My House Home Inspections have been actively performing Pre-Sale Home Inspection on Long Island, also known as Move In Certified, and the sellers couldn't be happier with taking some of the anxiety out of the selling process. Additionally, many Realtors won't take a listing unless their client agrees to a Pre-Sale Inspection. To see more information and the benefits of a Pre-Sale Inspection, take a look at this presentation.
To find out more, or schedule about a Pre-Sale Inspection, contact us at 516-732-7595.