Thursday, June 30, 2011

You found your sure to ask the seller questions.

It may have taken months or longer to find the perfect house for your needs, you had your home inspection, and now your ready to close.  Many home buyers (especially first time buyers) will have many questions about their new home and community.  A great way to get answers to these questions is directly from the seller.  Most of the time, sellers are extremely willing and want to help.  Some of the most important questions should be about the home.  Whats this for, what does that do, and so on. has published a nice list of basic questions many new buyers ask. They are:
1. Whats the story of the house.  Everybody likes a little history of there home.
2.Where to go and who to know.  If your new to the community this can be a lifesaver.
3.What surprised them when they moved in.
4.Where it is and how does it work.
5.Is there anything you'd like to leave.
6.What did I forget to ask you.

Homeowners have trove of information, let them help out. You can read the complete article here.